Starting a Video Game Collection

If you consider yourself a gamer then you’ve probably thought about starting a collection of video games. Video game collecting is a hobby that has been growing in popularity, the largest collection of video games recently sold for $750,000! In this article we’ll teach you how to get the best bang for your buck when buying used video games.

First thing’s first, you need an action plan. Buying used video games left and right will stick you with a collection that you might not enjoy. It’s worthwhile to take the time to determine exactly what you want out of your video game collection. Perhaps you want a collection of violent shooter games to scare your friends with or maybe you want a collection of vintage Nintendo games to relive the glory days. Whatever you are interested in, figure it out before you start buying used video games. You can always branch out later but it’s best to start small when buying used video games. Now on to the fun part: how to buy video games locally and on the internet.

There are often great video game opportunities to be found in your hometown. Garage sales can be great places to buy used video games, but be prepared to barter with the seller. Sometimes they’ll have undervalued games, enabling you to buy many games for great prices. On the other hand, sometimes they don’t actually want to part with these games and will list them for the original price. If this happens to you it can be worthwhile to try and barter the price down. One useful negotiation method is to leave and come back later in the day. Give them some time to think about the missed sale and then give them another chance.

Buying used video games online gives you access to millions of games being sold. While buying online allows you to choose from countless titles, you do have to be wary of dishonest sellers. Online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon can be unpredictable whereas online used video game stores like offer reliable experiences.

One of the best sources for buying used video games is, we buy used games from gamers everywhere. We sell for less than sellers on eBay and Amazon because we don’t have to deal with their listing fees every time we put a game up for sale.

However you plan to start your video game collection, Bit Replay wishes you the best of luck in your mission. Happy gaming!