Retro Game Spotlight: Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage

Spyro_005666Welcome to Retro Game Spotlight, the blog series that digs up golden oldie games that deserve another chance. This week we’re talking about Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage, originally released for the PlayStation. Spyro is a small, purple dragon on his way to the vacation world, Dragon shores. Instead of enjoying his time off, Spyro’s portal is redirected and he is guilt-tripped into saving the world, beginning his adventure. Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage gets the retro game spotlight thanks to its rich gameplay and diverse environments.

Spyro’s sidekick dragonfly, Sparx, shows the player how much health Spyro has and helps you pick up items. The meat and potatoes of Spyro’s attacks are fire breath and charging. Sometimes you will have to fork over your hard-earned gems to learn a new trick. Other times you will find a power up gate that gives Spyro a superpower for a few seconds. My favorite power up gate is the fire breath upgrade that lets you shoot exploding fireballs. There’s flying, swimming and even tank driving which keep repetitive gameplay to a minimum. If you’re a fan of mini games you’ll enjoy the speedway worlds that are full of races and time attack challenges. The final realm, Dragon Shores, is a carnival with traditional games that are modified for dragons. Spyro offers a lot of diverse gameplay for a retro game.

The game is divided up into three home worlds: Summer Forest, Autumn Plains and Winter Tundra. Each home world has no enemies and the player can explore at their pace. Home worlds also contain many portals to other worlds. This game will keep you guessing every time you jump into a new portal. The first world is a network of gem-crusted caves where the miners are kangaroos. In another world you fight tiki idols that just want to cook marshmallows and hotdogs over a campfire. There are full-blown war-zones complete with artillery and propaganda. There’s close to 40 different worlds and each has its own unique flavor and enemies. Once everything has been unlocked in a particular home world, you gain access to the dungeon where you face off against Ripto and his monster servants, Gulp and Crush.

Every world is full of Gems and collectibles, some of which are very difficult to get to. If you are a completionist gamer, Spyro will keep you busy for a long time. The variety of gameplay modes keeps the game from getting stale while offering great replay value. The boss battles are challenging, especially the final boss battle with Ripto. If you’re looking for an awesome game for your Playstation or PS2, grab yourself a used copy of this game. If you’ve already played this game you know how awesome it is.