Retro Game Spotlight – Crash Bandicoot

This week we are covering a retro video game from my childhood, the Crash Bandicoot series. This cartoonish platform game is about the evil doctor Cortex and his plan to create an army of mutated animals using his diabolical Evolvo-Ray! Crash Bandicoot, the protagonist and playable character, is an escaped creation that fights back with his new super powers. It’s been a long-standing joke that Crash Bandicoot is a cheap rip off of Sonic the Hedgehog. The truth is they have a lot of similarities, but the Crash Bandicoot series is awesome in its own right. Crash Bandicoot uses a 3-D environment, whereas the Sonic games of this era were 2-D sidescrolling platformers. In its day, Crash Bandicoot had some of the best graphics while still being a long game with many levels. It’s a great nostalgia title for anyone who used to own it, and if you never played it then you should expand your retro video game horizons.

The game takes place on three imaginary islands off the coast of Australia, all owned by doctor Cortex. This game does a great job of switching up the scenery between its levels. You’ll find yourself in jungles, high mountains, frozen tundra, ancient temples, and high-tech labs. As you run through these environments you’ll collect Wumpa Fruit, this game’s version of gold coins. The game also sprinkles in puzzles that usually involve the player jumping on platforms in a certain sequence. This game reaches back to the golden days of boss fights, featuring five different bosses in the first game. There’s a tribal chief named Papu Papu who tries to slam you with his staff. There’s a deranged kangaroo named Ripper Roo who attacks you with poorly manicured toenails. There’s also Koala Kong who is basically a ‘Roid Raging koala bear that throws mine carts at you. The game has more bosses than that, but I won’t go into explaining all of them.

Although Crash is your stereotypical one man army protagonist, he much prefers to kick back on the beach with an umbrella drink. Crash fights his enemies by jumping on them or by spinning like a tornado into his enemies. The spin move can knock enemies and explosive crates into other enemies, which allows for some creative baddy smashing. Explosive crates play a large role in gameplay when Crash does his spin kick next to an explosive crate it goes flying and explodes three seconds later. The gameplay is pretty straightforward but definitely gets more difficult as you go through the game. Boss fights are challenging and usually require a few lives (as they should). Speaking of lives, you have a limited number of them before you’ll be reset to your last save point.

If you are looking for a retro Playstation video game, then Crash Bandicoot is a good way to go. This game has over 40 levels, each with its own set of items and enemies. This game will keep you playing for a long time. The completionists out there should know that there is an alternate ending if you manage to collect all the gems in the game (good luck!). We have all of the Crash Bandicoot games in stock as well as a ridiculous amount of other retro video games.