Earthbound (Super Nintendo) – Review

The review will start once I call my dad to save the game…

 Trust me, I didn’t know that Ness was from Earthbound either. I always knew him as the character in Super Smash Bros that had a neutral B that did nothing. (Forgive me, I was a kid).

Ness’ video game career took off in this fantastic Role-Playing Game called Earthbound that was released in 1994 for the Super Nintendo. The game was more commonly known as Mother 2 in Japan and this game definitely sends off all of the classic vibes you would expect from a Japanese RPG.

If you love majestic stories that show the growth of a young boy and his friends trying to save the world from the evil alien entity Giygas through collecting various melodies and all while calling his Dad, then this is the game for you. The story is definitely something you can immerse yourself into and the rewards show with a dedicated following of fans that swear-by this game as being the best RPG ever made. This sentiment still stands over two decades later.
The foundation of the game is a Legend of Zelda-like adventure that relies on turn based combat instead of Deku sticks and swords. The combat brings a quirky feel to it as still pictures do their best to try and bring your HP down. Don’t worry though, you have plenty of tricks up your sleeves to bring down nasty snakes and aliens.
There are definitely not to many games that’ll turn heads like this legendary game. Try the game, replay the game, or share the experience.
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