Best Places to Buy Used Video Games in 2015

Buying used video games and consoles has really changed over the passed few years. Flea market and yard sale vendors have become more savvy and up to date with video game prices, and the ones that are not inflate their prices anyway. Does this exchange sound familiar:

Buyer: “How much for this?” *Points at Super Mario World (SNES)*
Vendor: “Ohh, this one is the Mario. Is $30” 

Now some folks are lucky and have flea markets near them that do offer some great deals every now and then, but these are incredibly scarce these days. Even Goodwill and other thrift stores pull all of there good video games to sell online at higher prices.

Popular online retailers and many local stores constantly inflate video game prices, almost to the point where it insults your intelligence. Charging $70 for a cartridge only copy of Mario Kart 64 is just ridiculous. Charging $150+ for a Super Nintendo console is even more ridiculous!

So the question is, where can you buy used video games in good quality and at fair price?

Here’s are the best places to buy used video games:

1. (All items are in good condition and are accurately described. You know exactly what you are buying)

2. GameStop In-Store (So you can see the condition first hand!)

3. Best Buy In-Store (Has some great sales on used video games sometimes)

4. (Great place to trade for video games you want)