About Us

Who are we? We are Gamers, who love gaming and collecting video games; you could say we are fanatical. In our quest for the ultimate collection of EVERY VIDEO GAME AND CONSOLE EVER MADE we’ve realized there are other Gamers like us. If you are like us, you might be looking for a rare new-in-box NES game or the not-so-rare “just wanna play it” next gen. That’s why we offer games and consoles to fit your budget and needs. We know that not everyone is a collector or cares about the new-in-box stuff – sometimes you just wanna play it and own it! We get it and know that every gamer is a little different. One thing is certain though; we all want a reliable and fair place to buy used games. The good news, BitReplay.com! If it was made for Nintendo, Sega, Sony, or Microsoft, there’s a good chance we have it or can get it!

Where did we come from? Well, eBay has been our primary marketplace for quite sometime. As a Power Seller and Top Rated Plus merchant with over 50,000 positive feedback, we have sold over 100,000 video games and consoles! You can visit our eBay page here.

If you know eBay, then you know its pitfalls. By cutting out the middleman we can offer games at a lower price and provide our customers with a better (hassle-free) purchasing experience. We think that with our HUGE inventory of games and amazing customer service, we can become the #1 online seller of used video games and consoles in the WORLD.

Your satisfaction truly is our top priority! We will always make it right. If you aren’t happy we aren’t happy!